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Web 2.0 – Social Bookmarking and the New Network

Eric Chiverton asked:

To start with, a knowledge oriented environment. Web 2.0 acknowledges a need and power for knowledge. Information is what makes the world go round, particularly on the internet.

Web 1.0 user generated content tends to have more impact on readers to the site, whereas with web 2.0 it is more a case of user managed content. They don’t just generate the content, they have the capacity to manage it as well! They have control on where it’s presented, who gets to see it, how it is formatted and what it contains. It’s all about what Web 2.0 systems can do for you. It’s the reason why Web 2.0 applications almost always offer as many features as possible with the ability to expand exponentially.

Visitor interaction is the prime requirement of web 2.0 and is why social bookmarking and social networking sites are incredibly popular with more and more people. Web 2.0 has evolved from its predecessor. Rather than fight with the Internet and force it to be suitable to required services and applications, it takes advantage instead of the inherent benefits of the Internet. Worldwide audiences are seen, for example, as a benefit as opposed to a disadvantage.

Syndication is the buzzword describing the numerous processes used by websites to make content available and accessible, with other users and websites. Podcasting and RSS feeds are just two ways to syndicate content.

Web 2.0 is often characterized in a state of perpetual beta, constantly undergoing changes meant to improve its services. Rather than placing new features in one package or version for a website, developers will add a feature to the existing line as soon as they’re created. Web visitors then become effective real-time testers. As a result, web developers can quickly determine the effectiveness and usefulness of any improvements.

Another important objective of web 2.0 development is to make the website accessible for as many devices as possible. This awareness of ever increasing needs to stay connected and continuously growing uses of mobile devices, means web 2.0 developers are ever more seeking out new ways to interact with these different groups. What we see is many people preferring websites that they can access and operate even just on their mobile phones. In the past it was only possible to use your mobile phone to read email messages. Today however, it is a whole lot more advanced than that! As well as viewing messages, you can also compose replies, attach images, songs videos and so many options for downloads it is not true.

A whole generation of people now log on and communicate through social networking sites, exchanging all sorts of things. It is very much the new age of technology, and so far, continues to show no limit to what it can achieve and where it can lead to. Web 3.0? Well that will have to be pretty special to impress the internet surfer of today.

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